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söndag 2 december 2012

Yay, snow is here!!

This is my friend Barbro, it's hard to see her in the snow! :))

We played in the snow, that was fun!

When she was done... I still had some energy...

I found a "toy"!
The said I should use it as a shovel.. THAT was hard!

Hmm, where did it go??

Not here....

Then we were out for a walk down to the small lake.

Mum said I couldn't go on the ice yet. *sigh*

Hey! Wait for me!!

Did you say treat mum!?

Just in from our walk.

Mia and mum threw out some treats for us to find.

What!? Can't you see I'm busy?!

Hey, do you have some treat in your pocket for me maybe?
What do you mean "You have something in your face"!?

On our way home we stopped at mums friend Hobbe and my friend Molli.

Mum said I wasn't allowed to hunt them, just look... And how fun is that!?!

We had some cosytime when we came back in.

Warm "Glögg" (mulled wine) and goodies for the humans... We slept... ZZZzzz