Om mig

Mitt foto
A thought, a word, a picture

fredag 24 augusti 2012

An ordinary day in my life.

I like to sleep, don't get up before I hear my brekkie


My morningwalk, same walk every morning when I'm going to daycare.
My cosy corner in the car, on my way to daycare!
My pack on daycare: Poncho, Wilma, Me, Brida and Ebba.
This is Poncho and I.
Weee!! Mum is coming, c'mon hurry up!!!
Having some fun before heading home.

HaHaHaHa!! Mum, that's too funny!!


Tonight mum2:s daughter Clara took me for my dinnerwalk. 

*coughcough* MUM!! NOT OK!!
Just hanging with my bone for a while

Resting with my pets until...

I hear the human start eating!! Focus now so they don't forget me!

Phew! They didn't forget me this time either!

And now I'm ready to cuddle with my elephant before...

Bedtime.... Good Night! ZZZzzz.....

söndag 19 augusti 2012

This week!

Mum started her new work and I started to go fulltime at my new daycare, busy days for all of us! But I had a great time at my daycare and mum said that her work seems to be perfect for her. This weekend we have been out to mums friend Mia, she has two russells, Alli and Barbro. Had another nice weekend! Now... Over and out from an exhausted wheaten! ZZZzzz....
This is my daycareteacher Jessica and my pal Poncho.

Poncho and I

Me, Alli and Barbro last
Full speed!
Ok, do I need to say that mum found chanterelles today!?

One our way home we stopped for dinner and movie with mums friend Anne

onsdag 8 augusti 2012


Off leash on the dog islands

Mum and I goes bananas

Just beautiful

This is some friends I met this summer

Jack and I

First time I met Ricko (His mum cut off the beard after seeing my face!)

This is cute Sally.. and I

Our lovely neighbours up north where we borrowed a house. (Ricko and I)


This was the morning we left.. See how sad we were?