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söndag 25 november 2012

What has been going on since last time here....

Had some time with my stuffed friends
Saturday we had a nice walk in a town called Sigtuna
HoHo!!! Anyone out there!?
This is mum2s middle daughter Mia, her baby Pontus and her dog Henry.
I really like to walk here, alot of good smells everywhere...
.. and it is so beautiful!
Of course I have to stop now and then to check things aound me. :-)
It is important to stretch after a long walk.. and REST... I do a combo! 
Hmm, mum think it's gonna be a rough winter this year.. I'm ready!
After dinner we all had a nice nap!
Sunday, Linda and her Spike came for a walk. We went to a place called Gåseborg. I think this is the last time I take a bath this year.
We sat down and just enjoy the view and eachothers company. <3
Spike - You keep an eye to the right, I take the left side!
Just me looking good!
I kind of like all these leaves....
These guys I didn't like! And the didn't like me either!
Mr Bad guy!
We took a stop in a dogpark so Spike and I could run around a bit without a leash.
Earlier this week I felt the horns grow in my head.... Mum2s daughter gave me a shower!

This is my daycareteacher Jaqi... I like her BIG time!

söndag 18 november 2012

A good day in my life... :-)

Where did that cat go?

Mmm, smells good!
Here comes Gunilla with latte for humans and cookie for me!
Ok, I'm ready... Cookietime!!
Yummie! Thanks Gunilla! You're the best!
Hi there Spike!
Always avoiding me, then when it's time to go.. THEN he wants to play!

Spike like to eat his humans... Odd! :))

Isa know how to scratch!
Ricky show me Windows 8.. Okok, I was impressed.... sort of...
More love from Isa! <3

After that we ate then we left for Yanna and Stefan. She gave me a scratch as well! :P

Gets dark pretty early now...

Just checking things out.

Ok, MUM! I don't like closed gates!! Open it up!

Waiting for mums and my friend Lise....

Yay! Let's go Lise!
Another photo of the nature... I pee on this! ;)

Home and OUT! 

söndag 4 november 2012

Vacation to mums grandma!

Well, it all started with this!!

It's not easy to pose with this crap on the head!

I think I looked better then Barbro and....


North of Gävle we start to found SNOW! :) But then it rained away.

I got cheese every morning from "grandpa"

And tons love!

Saturday mum and I went up the mountain Hoverberget.

It was a beautiful view!

Of course I climbed all the stairs up to join mum.

After that it was MY time.. Down to the forrest!

In an old fireplace I found THE stick!! It was yummie and funny!

And mum stopped all the time for a pics.. of course!

C'mon mum...  Hurry!!

Catch me on picture ain't so easy all the time! ;-)

More nature from mom....

Had a smaller break before...


Oh! Wait... Whats this!?

What!? I'm smelling over here!

Wonder where that blu dot is that mum say we have to follow... Hmm....

Back where we started!

The tower we went up on earlier.

This is mums cousins daughter and I. We had same kind of humor!

Then it was slow it down... I thought it was boring so...

I played ET....

Jesus and...

Mother Theresa... Did it work?

Porridge for brekkie! I just love mums grandma!!

Love you!

Love you!

Love me!

Break on our way back!

Well.. I can let it flow as well! Hrmpf!

Grandpa and I

Mum always stops att beautiful places when we are on the road!