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söndag 10 april 2011

Bad idea

Well, sometimes I get these great ideas... At least they are great in my head...
Erhm... We were out on this bridge.. checking this ice and sun and beautiful nature out. I were looking around a bit, and there 1m out I saw this ice... Hmm, if I do a superherojump I should land on it. And I did the jump of the year! And landed on the ice perfectly! Hmm, no one told me that ice could be thin... mumble... So, when I start to walk the ice cracked and in I went! It was cccccold! Cam dragged me away from that ice damn it so I had no choice than swim to the bridge where Mr H grabbed my neck and pulled me up. Erhm, thank you Mr H. :)
Then we sat in the sun for 40min and let me dry off a bit. That was nice.
Guess if I slept well last night!?

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