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söndag 31 juli 2011

Minivacation with Linda and Ricky

Mum were going on a concert so she took me to my favorite babysitters Linda and Ricky.
After a lazy afternoon at the couch with Ricky we went for a nightwalk, Linda, Ricky and I.
Next day they took me to a town called Norrtälje. I think I peed on every bush, flower, tree and lamppost there. :-)
Thanks alot for a great time!

Way to hot on my spot so mom let me sit beside her the short way to Linda and Ricky

Hanging outside after our eveningwalk

Hey, I'm a guy.. Of course I love firetrucks!

Cuddlingmoment with Linda

Relaxing with Ricky
Soo tired when I got home. Under the open window and goodnight!

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