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tisdag 31 juli 2012


This is me and my mum2

I would say that water was the theme of this vacation!

Hmm, I wonder who lives here...

Yep, enough water for me!

Alot of climbing but it was worth it!

Me and mum!

Run, run and run, I love it!

I like water with rocks!

Work it! Work it!

Thanks mum, thats enough!

HeHeHe, can you see me!?

Mum threw a treat in here somewhere...

Oh! There it is... streeeetch!

New friends of mine... Emma and Ange.

I went off for my own walks while the humans had coffee.


So, Now they know that I've been here!

Emma tried to get me in to the water.. It was c.c.c.coooold!

I'm a good boy... I'm a good boy... I'm a good boy...

Love mums grandmother, she gave me porridge and milk for brekkie!

Me & "Famo"

I loved this place... It was fun to climb and jump and stare in to the water!

Just a nice stop we did on our way back home. :-)

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