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fredag 24 augusti 2012

An ordinary day in my life.

I like to sleep, don't get up before I hear my brekkie


My morningwalk, same walk every morning when I'm going to daycare.
My cosy corner in the car, on my way to daycare!
My pack on daycare: Poncho, Wilma, Me, Brida and Ebba.
This is Poncho and I.
Weee!! Mum is coming, c'mon hurry up!!!
Having some fun before heading home.

HaHaHaHa!! Mum, that's too funny!!


Tonight mum2:s daughter Clara took me for my dinnerwalk. 

*coughcough* MUM!! NOT OK!!
Just hanging with my bone for a while

Resting with my pets until...

I hear the human start eating!! Focus now so they don't forget me!

Phew! They didn't forget me this time either!

And now I'm ready to cuddle with my elephant before...

Bedtime.... Good Night! ZZZzzz.....

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