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söndag 21 oktober 2012

A weekend with love, puppy and a baby!

Ok, sometimes it is just too much loving going...

Having a cosymoment with one of my puppysitters, Linda. She had her  puppy with her...
I tried to play with him but he was just growling at me!
He was so small.. But kind of cute. :)
Here I am trying to figure him out!
Friday - mum had this little human in her lap instead of me! 

I have been working hard on "airpeeing", then I can look around and plan my next move. Cause when I lift my leg, mum stops! ;-)
I took a nap whenever I got a chance!

This is me after daycare, mum and I always take a walk and play around a bit before we going home.

Behind my daycare.
If you go in to my bed... Then it's my rules!
Planning my next attack! ;-)
Åsa won... That felt soooo good!
It's not just mum taking pics of me...

Eveningwalk, sunday! Weekend is over!

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