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tisdag 25 september 2012

A wonderful weekend at Sävö, in Trosa archipelago

Click on pics to see them bigger!
blueberrybun - Delicious!

Wondering what path to take

ok, mum... You explain this one!

Found a very nice stick!

Call me Sid!

My puppylook!

I should add that it was raining as well... What was I thinking really!=

Hehehe, I fooled mum2 and got her to look up at nothing! ;)

okok, I lost my balance a bit... But I made it!

Mr huge mushroom and I


Thinking about worldpeace

A wet dog I am!

And this is what made me wet... Mum had to stop and take picture of flowers and such ALL the time!

Mum, it looks really yummie down there... Can we go and see please!?

King of the world!

Oh! Whats that!?

No wet paws...

A treat pls...


A funny new friend of mine!

On our way home...

Oooh!!! All these wonderful smells everywhere!! 

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