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måndag 10 september 2012

Today and a few pics from my weekend!

Mum and I out on our afterdaycarewalk

Ups, I did it AGAIN!! How could I know it did'nt go on forever!? But It was only my head and fronpaws that got under the water this time. 

Up, up, up!! C.c.c.coooold!!
This was a funny thing I jumped in to..  But almost fell in to the water when I tried to get off. Dangerous stuff, just saying...

Oh, this is when mum and I was singing.. Mum really sucks at singing so I try to sound louder than her.
Mum was away this weekend so I was hanging with Linda and her family. We had some really good talks!

With Linda it always includes a pic of me on a bench! :-)

Oh how I missed this sofa!! Loove it!

The man in the house fixed the car, and as a man as I am, I helped him out!

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