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söndag 18 november 2012

A good day in my life... :-)

Where did that cat go?

Mmm, smells good!
Here comes Gunilla with latte for humans and cookie for me!
Ok, I'm ready... Cookietime!!
Yummie! Thanks Gunilla! You're the best!
Hi there Spike!
Always avoiding me, then when it's time to go.. THEN he wants to play!

Spike like to eat his humans... Odd! :))

Isa know how to scratch!
Ricky show me Windows 8.. Okok, I was impressed.... sort of...
More love from Isa! <3

After that we ate then we left for Yanna and Stefan. She gave me a scratch as well! :P

Gets dark pretty early now...

Just checking things out.

Ok, MUM! I don't like closed gates!! Open it up!

Waiting for mums and my friend Lise....

Yay! Let's go Lise!
Another photo of the nature... I pee on this! ;)

Home and OUT! 

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