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söndag 25 november 2012

What has been going on since last time here....

Had some time with my stuffed friends
Saturday we had a nice walk in a town called Sigtuna
HoHo!!! Anyone out there!?
This is mum2s middle daughter Mia, her baby Pontus and her dog Henry.
I really like to walk here, alot of good smells everywhere...
.. and it is so beautiful!
Of course I have to stop now and then to check things aound me. :-)
It is important to stretch after a long walk.. and REST... I do a combo! 
Hmm, mum think it's gonna be a rough winter this year.. I'm ready!
After dinner we all had a nice nap!
Sunday, Linda and her Spike came for a walk. We went to a place called Gåseborg. I think this is the last time I take a bath this year.
We sat down and just enjoy the view and eachothers company. <3
Spike - You keep an eye to the right, I take the left side!
Just me looking good!
I kind of like all these leaves....
These guys I didn't like! And the didn't like me either!
Mr Bad guy!
We took a stop in a dogpark so Spike and I could run around a bit without a leash.
Earlier this week I felt the horns grow in my head.... Mum2s daughter gave me a shower!

This is my daycareteacher Jaqi... I like her BIG time!

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